Sunday, 6 May 2007

Teaching? Me? (Part 2)

Okay! Back again with Me Teaching Cass Chemistry (also featuring Symeon, Class Clown lolz), Part 2! In case you're new, I have been teaching Cass here how to solve a certain Chemistry question. The drama and the trills of the first part is linked here :

Teaching? Me? (Part 1)

Oh, if you're wondering why this fellas crazy mug is up here, I do it for the class morale... LOLZ Well, ready? Lets Go!!!! Continuation.... (C=Cass, S=Symeon, M=Me)

S:u wanna blog this? so boring... (hmmm, why did I start here? Oh yeah, to blast him again...)
M:haih, symeon... you will be surprised... (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can you dig it, dokter!!)
S:hahaha, but dat last 1 funny, with A**** (Sorry, personal stuff! You'll see why...)
S:eh cass, do ur chem
M:dont bring in other matters lar! teacher kii dy (celakatoi punya budak , main-main dalam kelas....)
S:cass has a veli low threshold in reacting to things (har, that I i din say ar!)
M:slowly do lar cass
S:but then matt, dat 1 kenot blog 1 (why are you STILL bothering the class, mr symeon...)
M:dis fella, wanna throw him out of d classroom dy
S:(yes, at it again...)i want badly 2 blog... unless we use diff name lar!
M:don siao lar! celakatoi
S:mwahahaahaha... u write susah a bit, i write ok, coz no 1 expect me 2 noe
M:wahliao, don lar, afterwards our informant oso kena sucked in... don hii ppl lar (lolz)
C:(cutting in) eh if i get 16x=11.2(24+x) correct dy har (WAHPIANG!)
S:??? negative answer lar cass (WAHDOI! How you count 1?) hehehe, matt, OT still waiting
M:(yeah, it's YOU this time!) hahaha... k lar cass, i admit its rite... but how did u count dat?
C:huh?? i also donno la... (WAAAAHHHHH)
M:wah doi...*foaming at mouth* hhh....eeeellppp
S:epilepsy pulak! TRIAGE TRIAGE! (*BEEP!* This is purely fiction. Any resemblence to any event is purely coincidental*BEEP!*) nurse! stratify the risk of this patient, now! confirmation, call up cath lab... cath lab, responding.. baloon angioplasty ready, but no cardiologist... MWAHAHAHAHA (Ohhhkkkaaayyy.... Any ideas why Symeon is the 07 Class Clown?)
M:okay lar... seizure pass dy
S:cass, still there?
C:yeah, still blur... (what else is new....)
M:(slightly tired, all of a sudden) SLLLLOOOOOWWWWLLLYYY think. i go watch anime 1st, while im stil not completely blur...(walks out of classroom, muttering...)
C:(runs up) mass of M=11.2/x? (finally! some progress!)
S:yeah hampir there liao
M:yeah! try to figure out d rest...
S:ok, i try 2 explain, u watch anime lar...
C:i dunno what to do after that dy...
S:i try 2 explain... (hmmmm, I have a bad feeling about this... oh well *shrug*)


M:okay, im back! macam mana?
S:tak habis lar (cheh, dah agak...)
C:weiii... after i got mol for m2o3 and mol for m, i did (mol of m2o3/mol of m)=1/2
M:hmmmmm, kk, boleh juga. u noe y?
C:then?O_o?? (wah.....) hmmm ratio?
M:u faham completely wat u wrote?
C:yea... no ar? (ohkay.... better get some aspirin...)
M:okok, sub d mols inside...
C:den cross multiply... 2(8/24+x)=11.2/x? (YES!YES!YES!OHHHHH YES!)
M:yeah! den solve lor
S:??? (uh oh...)
C:i got 16/24+x=11.2/x larrr....
S:wrong lar! (WHAT?) later u get x squared! lolz quadratic equation
M:(celaka celaka celaka...) no lar! its ok lar... u got study maths or not? (YES! headshot!)
C:hahaha... lousy lar (MWAHAHAHAHA.... stab through the heart!)
S:(still trying to salvage something?) wrong larr! u get negative value
C:den? O_o (wait! correct lar! don't listne to him....)
S:2(8/24+x)=11.2/x... dis 1 wrong lar matt... look! 1 x up, i x down... (what? hey, get new specs man...)
C:... (exits conversation...)
M:wah, she blur liao lar!
M:wait 4 her to come back in lar (darn! she ran out of the class ! students nowadays...)

*yet another INTERMISSION*

C:hi, comp batt flat (*falls*)
M:okay back to where we were....
M:hey! *poke* u stil there?
C:yalar.. haha... trying to do the math... hahaha got it dy liao lar... just now at the beginning got correct dy but symeon says negative... haih
M:hahahaha... u teruk lar symeon... make ppl takut onli
C:yeah lar... lol (double team! yeah!)
M: got it now?
C:yeah, could have got it sooner tho *glare*
S:*runs and hides in toilet bowl* (MWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH)


Okay! finally done! Now, looking back, I guess that I am alright as a teacher... (Hey, she got it, right?) Hehehehe... Probably one of those hidden talents I have... LOLZ... Oh btw, Symeon, you know you're a clown, so you should be happy... right? Hahahaha, thats okay then. Cass..... Let's just say that you are errrrrrrr.... NVM, it's nothing... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay then, class dismissed! *cracks whip*

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