Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Hi all! Just to tell you that I am gonna be AWOL for the next two days, as I would be taking a break from the terrible heat wave that has struck Batu Pahat. I will be up here enjoying the cold blasts of air (as opposed to the hot air I get, wait, I'm not insinuating anything here...) where the Singaporeans (AKA Kiasus) call 'Jern-thing' (Yeap, I DO know quite a few Singaporeans, so this is a real observation). Alright, to put it in a not-so-random and slightly more to-the-point way, I will be there enjoying the cool air (or what is left of it), the roller-coasters, the excellent casino facilities (MWAHAHAHAHA... Oh wait, I don't have the cash... Oh well =P) and the freezing nights of Genting Highlands with a bus-load of friends. Yeah, I know what you guys are thinking :
Hehehehe.... I will be back soon, I promise! Don't need to worry.... Oh, you're not screaming because of that? Oh, I get it! No, these friends are alright (for the most part), I will not have people hunting my head behind my back, nor anybody trying to stick a knife into my back.... Oh, that's still not it? ...HUH? You're screaming out of envy? No concern for me whatsoever? Tsk. FINE! *grumble, grumble*

Well, in either case, I will have a few days to enjoy cold, frigid atmospheres, while the rest of you:
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Live with it! LOLZ... Uh wait, guys, no, I didn't mean to, please don't... ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ok, that was lame, alright. Better go before the heat completely kills off my brain cells...=> Well, then, will be back on Thursday, so watch out for updates!

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