Saturday, 19 May 2007

Genting Highlands Part 2

Okay, second part of my Genting Highlands trip entry. A little late, but couldn't be helped, I was errrrr.... Busy! Yeah busy! Oh never mind, you won't believe me anyway...=p Anyway, due to some deft and clever manipulation on the part of Vincent, who was also our 'tour guide' of sorts, we were all signed on as part of a Johor Super Savers deal, which meant that we paid for the entire duration of two days and one night stay in the hotel, the bus expenses, and a buffet dinner for the total price of... RM 55. Thanks Vincent. So, this is the hotel we stayed at:

Now, anybody who has been to Genting before can attest to the fact that this particular hotel has a very... uh, interesting look...
Hey, I personally think it is quite 'attractive', in a sense.. Lolz... Anyway, we checked into our rooms, which were definitely MUCH larger than those at the 'old' tower of the First World Hotel. Hehehe, thank goodness... And at least the shower dosen't have a transparent door... Okay, I digress... Stashed our bags and went to start the PARRRTTTTTYYYYY!!!! Managed to get to the meeting place ahead of Tai Seng and Co, even though we started off at the same time... Goes to say how much sense of direction differs from one to another... Okay, sorry Tai Seng, just messing with ya... This is the meeting place:
The entrance to the Genting Outdoor Theme Park (yeah, I know it is 'senget', but thats nice as well! ....Right?), where we waited for the tags to be given out by Mr 'Tau Yu', Vincent... That is, for the majority of us... A few people (who just happened to be in my group) had decided to buy off their tickets from a friend working there, at half-price! Unfortunately, half-price tickets are not easily shipped over, so in the end we (the rest of the group) elected to go in first. Now, a few things I noticed:

Yeah, a dragon bush, two bears flanking a fountain, and a giant star on the ground near the Spinner. Talking about the Spinner, we actually got on it once before the stragglers joined us for the second round.. lolz
This is the Spinner. What it does is spin you around at different angles and at speeds high enough to get your heart racing. Coupled with the cool air and the sensation of you hurtling into the air at any moment, it can get you high.=> Oh, better watch your landing too. Because your feet are definitely gonna be cold (especially if you're wearing slippers), hitting the ground hard would not be in your best interest, as Yeong Tai can testify. OW!
See Tai Seng sitting there on the steps? There is a reason for that... and that is the same reason why I am snapping photos instead of going on the ride... =<>

Alright! The Cyclone! As you can see, it is the oldest roller coaster in Malaysia, so it is kinda short, but still fun. And you get to go through the track in a 4-seater, so it's not that bad. Still gets your heart pumping... LOLZ. And from there you will see the Teacup! That annoying little ride where you sit in a teacup upon a platform that will turn you around at a comfortable speed. Of course, you have the option of turning the teacup itself using a handy wheel in the centre of the teacup in any direction and speed. Be careful though, at best, you will get a little high and wobbly-kneed, but at its worst, you won't have the stomach for another round... Literally! Hehehe. BTW, no photo here, forgot... Next is the kiddy ride, the Flying Jumbo, which was taken by our dear friends Yeong Tai and Kwan Wen, as well as the 4 girls that tagged along.
Okay, vanity speaking here! None of my friends can do a perfect shot of two fellas going round in circles at speeds you cannot chase after... Well, maybe some of them can but not all of them! Case in point, one of the four girls on the ride tried snapping me and Tai Seng as they went round. As expected, all we saw was ground.... Okay, last picture before I call it a day! This was taken at a bridge point where the management claimed you would get a perfect photo... And it was! Sort of...
See, not bad at all right? Okay, time for my siesta! Watch out for more updates soon on my Genting trip! Ciao!