Saturday, 5 May 2007

Secrets Behind Matt/Leon

Okay, a friend told me recently told me that I was putting up a lot of reviews and experiences and stuff like that, but I was neglecting something : posts concerning myself! And I was saying, 'Why on earth do you want to read about me?' .....Okay lar, actually I'm not THAT comfortable about talking freely about myself, for certain reasons.... Maybe I'm too shy? Or maybe I don't want people to know more about myself? Well, who knows.

Well, okay, maybe I will start by explaining my handle, or nick. (whichever term you call it, a spade is a spade, lolz) Some people, like my dad, have seen me chatting and they say, "Why on earth do you call yourself mattleon?" Yeah, I do get that sometimes. Okay then, assuming that people know I'm born in the Year of the Rabbit, 1987 to be exact, I can skip the numbers then. The Christian name given to me was Matthew, so you can surmise about the first section. What about leon? Well then, it's a name coined by a character that was in my favourite game of that time...

Yeah! It's Squall Leonhart, gunblade-master and SeeD of Balaamb Garden, of Final Fantasy VIII fame. Yeah, some of you don't really like it, but give me a break, it was the first Final Fantasy I ever played! And later, he became :

Leon, mystery swordsman of Traverse Town, later resident of Hollow Bastion AND its previous incarnation, Radiant Gardens. Confused? Play the Kingdom Hearts series to understand. LOLZ. By the way, Squall and Leon are lone wolf types, preferring to say little and keep their feelings inside, but are dependable in any situation.

Anyway, the reason for my moniker is a bit on the psychological side, I guess. I'm Matt, and I'm also Leon, in a sense. And no, I'm not schizo, thank you. It is just a matter of seeing things. People who have met me under jovial circumstances have met Matt, the fun-loving, joking, mad-caper, laughing side of me. On the other hand, when I'm on the job, like during prefect duties or during drill in Boys' Brigade, that is when Leon is in effect, the discipline, serious, no-nonsense, (sometimes angry) side of me. People in school can attest to the fact that I can easily switch between identities on the right day. So there, you now know, I'm a complex person sometimes. =p

And this recently put me into a philosophical mood, thinking about certain happenings in the past. In times when Matt plays the fool and gets into trouble or ridiculed because of it, Leon will whack him hard and chide him for getting into so much trouble, all because he did not stop to think. However, Leon will sometimes blow his top, and then Matt will whack him equally hard and laugh at him for taking things so seriously. So then, like the concept of yin and yang, both Matt and Leon are two sides of a coin, but acting in different spheres of my life, each with their strengths and weaknesses. So these two 'forces' colour and affect my life and gives me the leisure to reflect what I have gone through.

Okay, if I go on I might confuse even myself! But in all reality, both Matt and Leon are merely parts of my personality that come through at different times. I'm still Matthew and God still looks at me with love, and perhaps that is what matters in the end!

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Derek said...

I totally understand where you are coming from, I thought I was the only one who felt like that too.