Thursday, 17 May 2007

Genting Highlands Part 1

Ahhhh HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm back, OKAY..... LOLZ.... Well folks, I am indeed back, alive and kicking from my trip to Genting with my schoolmates and friends from my Form 6 days. Yes, this is the last major trip for us before we are scattered all over the place as we gear up to enter university life. Well, enough of me chatting about the boring bits, let me start the update proper. Another point I wanna add: I am not the family 'pro photographer', that spot is reserved for my bro. AND I prefer scenery shots compared to people shots, so bear with me.... Ok, for those who are asking me about the weather there, take a guess from this picture:
Still cool and windy there, my friends! Though hotter than what I have experienced in the past, it is a heck of a relief from the heat in Batu Pahat. =<

At the right hand bottom corner is where my friends and I sat, we stayed more or less in a group the whole time. Me, being a naturally faster eater (due to family cirumstances, Symeon would testify to that) than Kwan Wen, Yeong Tai and Tai Seng, I finished eating and snapping photos before they were half-way through... Hehehe... This caught my attention somewhere along the line of shophouses:

A whole line of 'alleged' Ming vases paraded on top of a shop selling... well, you can see the moon cake, bak kwa, and other stuff. Interesting designing, not to mention expensive.... lolzA candid shot of Aik Munn, Yong Kuan, Ser Yuan and Wai Kit before we took a short trip to this place (chocolate lovers, eat your hearts out! =>) :

Basically a specialized chocolate shop selling all kinds of chocolate (obviously!). The guy in white is Kwan Wen, orange-shirt is Thai Seng... Well I DID tell you I prefer scenery shots... Bought a box of Tiramisu chocolate for the family, and saw these on display as well:I think the half-broken-off (or was it half-eaten??) words read 'Chocolate House'.... Kinda reminds me of owls' houses... Or is that from watching too much Winnie the Pooh? O_o Anyway, nice piece of art, as well as the below:Yes! Easter bunnies and a ship surrounding what I took to be a coral reef... Beats me how the shopkeepers manage to relate bunnies to the sea.... And yet another display:

Notice the similarity of the reef to the one above? Guess the sculptor was in Redang somewhere before doing these pieces... (Yeah, wanna go there too, Minny... Lolz). At least there aren't any sea-bunnies around here... Oh, I take the last ingredient to mean 'Vanilla', pardon the English stickler in me breaking out...

And that ends part 1 for my Genting trip update. Sorry, but felling slightly tired, so gonna hit the sack early today IF you consider 1 'o' clock early (which it is, in the morning that is...). Anyway, updates coming up later, so stay tuned!

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