Monday, 14 May 2007

Celaka Copyrighters...

Wondering about the topic? Well, it happened when I was in the office today, as I was sitting in front of the computer. "Okay, I'll update my blog at home, I'll check my mail on my laptop, so what will I do? I know, why not stream some anime?" And thats what I did, or at least tried to. Avoided Youtube, knowing that any anime that otherwise would be there WOULD NOT be there, and went to my current favourite anime streaming site, MangaSpot. Searched for Tsubasa Chronicle (Chronicle of the Wings, a really COOL anime) and to my surprise, I was slammed with the words : 'No matches for the keywords "tsubasa chronicle" '. Strange. Tried again, but met with the same words over and over again : "No matches for the keywords..."

And then I tried a new technique : using a secondary site to locate the anime and play it. But then the screen flashed a message : instead of the usual opening credits of the anime, I got a 10 second clip, saying 'The said video has been removed because it is copyrighted and we do not want to get shived'. And then it struck me : the copyrighters have done it again.

Now as far as I know that as the legal owners of the said products, the copyrighters have the right to sue anyone who puts up anime copyrighted by their companies on the web, it does not change the fact that it manages to piss off the community of anime lovers on the web that do not depend on torrents and whole day downloads of their favourite anime. I mean, we do not have the time, hard disc space or the patience to watch them, so you are depriving us of a way to enjoy our favourite anime without having to wait the whole day for them to finish downloading. You may say, well, we bought it, so get used to it, we do not want to hear your complaints. Well guess what, bozos. Users of Youtube who are anime lovers have been heavily criticizing the disappearance of their favourite animes, all because of the money-grubbing hands of the copyrighters. Do you demand streaming sites to remove these anime episodes because you wanna make more money? Well, if I find out you are the ones who did these, then rest assured you will never catch me dead buying even one cd of your stupidly-dubbed, badly subtitled and jumpy-quality copied anime.

Alright, cool down, Leon. So looks like it's all about downloading via torrent again. HAIH... Hehehe, but seriously, I laugh at these people who actually take (wasted) time in dubbing these anime episodes. In all sincerity, the end result sounds completely off, completely fake, and does not fit in with the flow and beauty of the original anime. Give me a break and subtitle it instead! =P Ok, now I will have to find SOMETHING to keep me occupied online...

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