Monday, 18 June 2007


I am biased, I know, but this is the World's Greatest Dad!

Father - Amazing Love, Hillsongs Australia

Amazing love has won my heart
I am in awe of all You've done
You gave us Jesus, and with Him
You freely gave us everything

Amazing love sets me free
From all that would weigh down on me
You are my strength, my help, my friend
And my hope, life without end

Father, my Father
I'm so secure in You
Your perfect love
Drives away all my tears

Father, I love You
For You have loved me first
And I am grateful
For amazing love

This is a belated post in honour of Father's Day. A big shoutout to my dad: the family man, the diligent bread-winner, and the one who gives without wanting to receive. He has brought all of us three children up in discipline and love, always giving us the best, often witholding his portion for us (especially when it comes to food =>). He is different than some parents (and most Asian parents) because he displays his love in tangible means: hugging and kissing us. And he puts family ahead of everything else like money, work or pleasure. He is always fair and just, never blindly siding with any faction when we siblings get into an argument. (and that is often enough =p) In times when discipline is needed, he is suitably strict and would not brook any nonsense from anyone. This post is in honour of him, my father, and I say that I am truly blessed to be his son.

And that again, another Father is also there, this time unseen, but every bit as loving and protective as my earthly dad. Heavenly Father, this post is also about You. In times when I needed help, and no one could understand me, You were there, crying with me. In times when I thought my heart would break, You were there holding me. In times when I was frustrated, lost, and unfairly blamed You for everything, You never turned away, but You gently guided me, saying that it would be alright in the end. When through Your power I succeeded, You were there celebrating with me. But most of all, Father, You gave me something no one else could: life as a son in Your Kingdom, and eternal life. Though it took Your Son, and broke Your heart, You did it, because of love. Oh Lord, Your love is unimaginable, and I love You, because You first loved me.

To all fathers out there, Happy Father's Day.


Sharon said...

Yup, Matt.. Ur dad sure is one amazing role-model dad. Am certain is very proud of you. And you of him..

mattleon87 said...

thanks chea2 sharon, yes, I am very proud to have a wonderful dad like mine. =>