Friday, 29 June 2007

Farewell, Batu Pahat...

Hello, dear readers. This particular post is a special one, since it will be the last post I will publish here in Batu Pahat (in a long while). I will be leaving this town which has been my home for the last 17 odd years, and travel up north, to start life anew as a university student. Will leave on Sunday early morning, so please pray for me, guys!

Anyway, this post will feature mostly my friends whom I will no longer be able to see for some time. But of course, priority is family, so this first part is for the people closest to my heart... Will miss all of you while I'm studying away from home.
Dear dad, thank you for being there for me all the time. Even though you are always so busy, you never sacrificed your time with us, and made us feel secure and protected from every angle. You are the rock in my life, dad, and I know that whatever you do, the love, the instructions and the the chastisements, you meant it for my best interest. Through you, I see what my Father in heaven is like, and for that I am truly grateful. Love you lots, Dad.
Mom, you are the perfect mom from heaven that everyone dreams they had, and no matter what, I would never have chose anyone else to be my mom. I know that you would most probably be the most worried among us for me, and I know that you will be praying for me every single moment, without fail. Thank you mom, for all the love mom, for I know that your whole life is one act of sacrifice and abounding love for each and every one of us children. Love you to bits, Mom.

Malcolm, dear brother, you have been the closest companion I ever had, through all the years. All through the videogames, the music, the loads of fun we had, you were the one that put up the most with all my nonsense and playfulness. Love you, bro, and study hard, do well so that you may one day carve your own path with the Lord's grace. Fear not and lament not, and I will always be there to help you if you need me. Love you too, Mal.

Dear Girly, I will miss not being there with you and arguing with you (=>) while I'm studying. But remember, I love you, dear sister, and I would not have any other person in the world to be my sister besides you. Grow up strong, dear sister, and let the Lord be your guide all the way. May you grow to be even more beautiful inside and outside than you already are, and become a patient, loving and caring person, a glowing jewel reflecting His glory. Love you, dear Amanda.

Now for all my friends here in my old class, thanks for all the wonderful memories during my time in Form 6. Looking back, I thank God that I stayed back, so I could meet all of you. To my brother Rafi, miss you bro, keep in touch, and remember this crazy fella when you become a big time politician... Hehehehe... To the crazy fellas there, WK, SY, YK, PT, KR, SZ and of course AM, best of luck to all of ya, all the best, and live life to the max! SK, may you accomplish what you desire in that field... The four girls in the second row, CS, LL, SC, and SS: best of luck! XY: hope you enjoy yourself in Sabah, and don't you dare forget me! SQ, good luck! and KN, best of luck and don't be a stranger! The crazy four Malay guys there, don't go too nuts okay! Especially Affandi, Zainal and Lebai, thanks for the memories, old and new!

Now to the people among my old friends and my brothers: Yeong Tai, Kwan Wen and Tai Seng. YT, may good fortune and luck be with you bro, and may your life be filled with joy. KW, be cheerful always bro, and study hard. TS, enjoy life in your new/old environment, and remember to 'jio' me 'lateh' when I come back... And Song Lin, my bestest bro, Y NOW ONLI I REALISE U DIN TAKE PHOTO WIT US? Celakatoi betul. Anyway, to you bro, thanks for everything, for listening when I needed to talk, for cannoning during the fun times and supporting me throughout school life. Will miss you, bro. And for all those whom I have not mentioned, be you from HS, tuition classes or just in passing: thanks for the memories and don't stay far away. Without all of you, my life would never be this complete.

And of course, dear Lord, thank You for all I've experienced, all I have learnt, and most importantly, Your love, mercy and grace you have showered upon me all the time. Looking back now Father, I see Your Hand at work and I praise You, for You love me beyond my imagination, and have my best interests at heart. Without You Lord, I am but dust. Please Lord, continue to smile upon me and hold me close to Your side, even as I walk this path You have set before me. Let me reflect Your light to the world, that I may glorify Your name.

Goodbye, and good night all!


Rodrigo said...

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Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

sckhsmc2007 said...

God bless monz! =)

Dr Matthew Chong MD (UKM) soon to be in 5 yrs time hehehe... but first the orientation =P survival at its best!

aikmunnlar said...

dude..hows life?
thot u vanished in ukm dy...