Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Transfer Pending...... Transfer Complete

Alright! All done here with the transfer of my previous posts from my old blog to the current one. See, you CAN do it if you put your mind to it, right? => Ahhh, busy day alright. Aside from getting over my things over from the last blog, I was rushing about getting documents ready for my application to the Singapore university. So with running to school and then across town to Lt. Dr Lian's clinic for their signatures on my recommendation letters and manning the photocopier machine in my dad's office, it was a bit of a strain, coupled with the fact that I was tired after yesterday night. What was I doing? Well, in my school batchmates' terms, 'lateh' which roughly translates into 'drinking tea', although some food was consumed and conversation wandered away from food altogether.

We had the dynamic and perpetually 'cannoning' Chee Kim who could be relied upon to supply us with numerous stories, all of them outrageous and in my opinion roughly half untrue, and of course sprinkled with anecdotes that are not meant for everyone's ears... *clears throat* Anyway, the gathering started at 10, but with all the joking, occasional swearing (happens in boy schools all the time, trust me) and all round laughter... Anyway, checked my watch on a whim and then... Huh? 2 o' clock? No way.... Anyway that signalled a hasty drink and payment before all of us rushed home to get in before our parents decided we were to put up in the streets for the night. I DID get home before the dor was locked completely, but I had to wake up at 6 to fetch my bro and sis to school. =<

So now that the initial rush is over, I would enjoy a few lazy days before I scoot up to Singapore for the interviews. I really need the rest... XD Anyway, time to quit telling stories and hit the sack. Or maybe I will work on my pictures before I go...

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