Sunday, 29 April 2007

First Hurdle

Hi all, can't stay the night, gotta sleep early tonight... Tomorrow marks the first set of interviews for admission into the National University of Singapore, for both the Medicine and Dentistry faculties. Tomorrow's interview for the Dentistry side is a Manual Dexterity Test, at 8.30 AM. However, my aunt tells me I would have to get going by 7 o' clock in the morning. *sigh* Why does this remind me of school? I thought I was past that already... LOLZ

Anyway, Lt Dr Lian tells me that the dexterity test, as the name implies, would test me on my dexterity. According to him, I would have to make models out of Plaster-of-Paris, bend shapes out of wires and such exercises. Kinda reminds you of pre-school doesn't it? Except that this time if you mess up you don't get kind words from the teacher, but rather a kick in the rump, marking your exit from the faculty. Oh, alright, I am exaggerating, but can't a fellow have some fun?

Anyway, to fellow brothers and sisters of Christ reading this post, please pray for an alert mind, stable hands and a calm spirit for me. Most importantly, pray for HIS wil to be done in me, not mine. Thank you, dear brethen. Alright, curfew is enforced! Get to bed young man! Erk! Alright! See you all later, and wish me luck! =)

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