Friday, 27 April 2007

My Arm Hurts!

Even as I'm writing this, I feel a slight trobbing pain in my right shoulder, extending all the way down to my elbow. I feel like I have experienced something like this before.... Oh yeah, I had a similar complaint the last time... in my wrist. That came of playing Command and Conquer Generals for a whole day non-stop, if my memory serves me right. Ow! According to Dr Symeon, he said my muscles were cramped, and recommended some muscle relaxant.... which I do not have. Sigh...

Anyway, this reminds me of one exchange between my hero, Dr House (Yay! Power to House!) and a patient in the outpatient clinic. The patient was complaining about a pain in his arm, preventing him from sleeping, if I remember correctly. House was asking him if he used it in any way that might be medically relevant. The fella says that he sleeps on it (!). Okay, House tells him to go back and sleep on his back for a change, and get out of my clinic so I can make an early stop (he's always doing that, isn't he? lolz). Then the patient says he can't, he always sleeps that way (what the....) and asks House to think of another way. Then, in his usual style, House gets up, puts the file under his arm and says, ' Then it has to come off.' *Stunned patient gapes* 'Well, can't have you feeling uncomfortable on acount of your arm, can't we?'

....Ok, I admit that maybe I got the conversation and style wrong, but at least I got the gist of it, right? At least you see the connection between the arm and my arm problem, do you? Well? Guys? *Silence all around* *Grumble grumble...* Well at least I still have my sense of humour, so there! *Sulks in a corner* ..... And my arm feels just fine now! Thanks for the concern! I'm off to bed! *Runs upstairs, holding back sobs*

Yeah right, get a grip on yourself, Matt. Anyway, hopefully I get up feeling more alert tomorrow. See ya!

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