Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Office Life

Hi all, back again. finally had the time to really sit down and put in another post, what with the cable breakdown and such. .....Okay, okay, it dosen't have anything to do with that. In truth, the sweet lure of the Playstation 2 has kept me busy, killing Heartless and Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts II (which I have officially finished, 52 hours flat, great graphics and soundtracks, awesome new-old battle system, all around 9.5/10 game, would be 15 if Leon or Cloud were playable...), FPS action in FFVII:Dirge of Cerberus, and of course, hunting down Marks in FFXII (awesome game again, as expected of Square Enix, the graphics are mindblowing!). Anyway, I digress. Now I have a part-time job, at my dad's legal firm. Nothing like filing, preparing documents and performing clerical work to while away the time...I guess. I also have taken up the official duty as the family chaffeur, driving my siblings to school, tuition, music classes etc. Anyway, I still have some time to do the things I enjoy doing, so I can say, as I have been saying all along, "God is good, all the time." Now if I can only figure out how to kill that @#%&$ Trickster without being sliced into pieces everytime...

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