Sunday, 10 December 2006


Yo all, this is de 1st post on my blog! This blog marks my newfound freedom from the secondary school system... From now till March 07 I will have nothing to do except watch the leaves fall and other distracting activities... Anyway, now I am playing gin rummy with my godma's family in Penang, and it seems like I am 'catching up' with the race leaders, my god-grandma (for lack of a better term) and my mom... For the uninitiated, the more points you score, the better...for the other players' pockets, that is...

(30 minutes later)
Nooooo.... I've lost!!! Grand total:1304 points, with the next player being 100 points away... Oh well, it's only a game, and we're not playing for money. (sigh of relief) Hopefully this post is not viewed by my church elders or I will have a lot of explaining to do... The session was supposed to end at about 3 . A . M but some of us were already getting blurry-eyed from 3 continuous nights of playing... My 'godcousin' escaped this night by going on camp, but messaged to say that she wished she was playing with us... Reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy.....

Anyway, Penang has really changed a lot from the last time I was here. It is now a shopper's paradise, with at least 3 new shopping centres in the last 5-6 years... Sometimes getting from one end of the island to the other will get you into a massive jam moving in slo-mo... Well, at least the scenery is nice enough... Will be leaving the island tomorrow for home... Holidays can be tiring sometimes, you know... I wouldn't be surprised that as the new year kicks in I would look forward to getting back to school to recuperate from the holidays... Wait a minute, now I remember. I have been kicked out of the school system, and I think the teachers are relieved, to say the least... Hmmm, life won't be the same anymore, or will it?

Bowling for Soup - Highschool Never Ends

Four years you think for sure
That’s all you've got to endure
All the total *****
All the stuck up chicks
So superficial, so immature
Then when you graduate
You take a look around and you say HEY WAIT
This is the same as where I just came from
I thought it was over
Aw that’s just great

The whole **** world is just as obsessed
With who‘s the best dressed and who‘s having ***,
Who‘s got the money, who gets the hunnie's,
Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess
And you still don’t have the right look
And you don’t have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends
High school never ends

.....Slightly foul-mouthed, but sounds great and makes sense too... Or does it? Have to find out... Ciao!

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