Tuesday, 7 July 2009

First Thoughts about Clinical Years

Yeap, it's the 7th week in my first posting for my clinical years. Mixed feelings here. No doubt, medicine IS fun, and it makes you feel proud when you can correctly diagnose and think of the management needed to make your patients all well and able to go home. But that again, what ever possessed me to take a course that is so taxing on the brain? T.T My gray matter is gonna have hyperthermia and necrose all over, and I'll probably end up in the hospital myself... Opps, right. I already am. Anyway, thoughts about clinical life in the first 6 weeks, simplified as much as possible:

Week 1

Oh yeah!!!!! Gonna clerk patients, gonna clerk patients, gonna clerk patients... (Yells) WOOIIIIII!!!! Got clubbing leh!!!!!!! And can you get a load out of this murmur here!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!!

Week 2

Wooooot!!!! Alrighty then, let's look around, look for someone whom I can use for my case write-up (due on the 5th week, mind you!) Ah yes! Atrial fibrillation, with all the gadgets and gizmos, perfect for discussion purposes! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Week 3

Well.... Supervisor handed our livers to us on a platter.... But nevermind... I'll just try to do my best today, clerk one patient, do at least 1 short case today... Come on, I can do it!!!! ....I think

Week 4

Oh yeah, case write-up due next week... Eh? NEXT WEEK? Darn, haven't finished it yet! Sigh, alright, clerking patients is enough, gotta try to finish this case write-up first (as if I really wanted to clerk anyway...)

Week 5

Right, handed in the case write-up, after trouble getting it printed. guess I'll try and take it easy... Do my job and it's back to hit the sack....

Week 6

..... Are all these morning sessions really necessary? Have to wake up at 7 and trudge all the way there to sleep... And what's with all those specialists coming for the MO's ward rounds? They don't teach, and they being there effectively zips his mouth! Sigh, nevermind... Just go and look for a worthy case to do, or else it's nap time...

..... Yeah, I know....Kinda got lazier, right? Oh well, that's clinical life for you... But don't worry, I do what I'm supposed to do... Mostly...

Anyway, finished my observed long case with an amazing professor, WOOT! Going for my Hawaii vacation, er, I mean JKM posting in 23 weeks time. See ya there!

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