Monday, 4 May 2009


Yes, finally, I return. As I enter into a new academic year, and into new, uncharted territory, I thought really seriously about reviving my blog. Yes, reviving, not just temporary a la Pheonix Down reviving but the real deal. As I continue studying medicine, I think that this blog can also function as a way to make studying more light and hopefully more interesting.

To tell the truth, Symeon gave me the idea way back when he was in Batu Pahat, telling me exactly why his blog has such a funny name: sckhsmg. Apparently the first 4 initials are his name (duh!) and the last 3 stand for... err..... well, something to do with School of Medicine for Dummies (Alright, maybe not, but that's what it is now, too bad!). So what he did was to publish cases he encountered on his blog, leaving out sensitive material so that friends can view them and comment. Not too bad an idea if you ask me.

So, hopefully this post marks an era of new sights and sounds, new beginnings, and of course, new impetus to actually sit down and write something down for a change. Hehehe. So, adios for now, and keep your fingers crossed!

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