Sunday, 4 February 2007

Salutations to the Good Doc

In only a matter of days, a dear friend and fellow Boys' Brigade member will be leaving Batu Pahat for his hometown, Penang. Yes, our dear Dr Symeon Chiam, recently from Hospital Batu Pahat will be leaving for the Peal of the Orient, the final breath before jumping on the bandwagon, oops, into the working world of white lab coats, prods, syringes, drugs and badly written prescriptions.

It has been a genuine joy being able to know Symeon, considering all the laughs we had together, the meals devoured at the same table (in Penang it will be YOUR treat, so better line those pockets.... Mwhahahahaha.....) and the fun times of joking about all manner of things... Haih, all in all, it was a fun time. Thanks to him, I could delve deeper into the mystery that is medicine (? Mystery? More like a riddle wrapped in an enigma), considering that that is the field I will probably end up in, that or veterinary medicine =>.

A note to Symeon : God bless your road ahead and may He shower your life with grace, mercy and blessings, till you shout for mercy... Or maybe not. Just soak it all up and let the Lord guide your path always. BTW, I hope I don't see you in the Diagnostics Department, spouting rhetoric/nonsense and generally making everyone miserable... That will be a sure sign that you are taking House too seriously... => Oh well, hope to see you around soon, bro... => Keep in touch, and don't worry, we'll make sure you get to treat us to Penang's finest cuisine, and lots of it! Cherrio!

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